Why my ac wont shut off?

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Why my ac wont shut off?

Today we are talking about why my AC will not shut off. We have been working throughout the Loganville GA area for many years and have come to see about every type of AC and heating failure there is. We are always eager to rise to the challenge of finding a new type of issue we can share that will help others. This problem however has plagued many customers. There are several reasons why Your AC unit will not shut off and it will require a licensed HVAC contractor to diagnose and repair the fault for the typical homeowner.

Particularly because the troubleshooting and repair of this type of failure require electrical training due to the wiring and components involved that can cause hazards to your safety. If you are in the Loganville GA area, we recommend you call us here at alliance air conditioning company. We can respond to same-day service and take care of this at a minimal cost.

What we found on a similar service call today is a contactor being stuck closed made the outdoor condenser unit continue to run nonstop. Now, this can be problematic for several reasons, most importantly is the early breakdown of your AC unit do too improper use when it continues to run constantly.

When the homeowner called us, they attempted to explain what was going on with their system. Sometimes they can share the details of the problem when it started and what the situation has been but oftentimes it may be something that does not repeat itself while we are on site. Often homeowners take pictures or shoot video of the problem while it is happening and send it to us by text or email before we even arrive on site. Sometimes this is helpful because homeowners get frustrated if the issue does not repeat itself after the technician has arrived.

One of the things that struck the homeowner as odd was that when the indoor fan motor stopped blowing, they recognized that the outside unit continued to run until it began to freeze. What had happened was the indoor evaporative coil got so cold with the freon pumping through and no airflow there it began to frost until it iced up and was completely frozen solid. After the evaporator coil froze the copper tube leading from the attic down through the interior walls and to outside at the condenser all begin to freeze.

At this point, the homeowner understood something was wrong and called us out for repairs. We started at the indoor air handler to get an idea of the airflow and what was going on with the controls and wiring to the system. Once we put in a call for cooling from the thermostat the air handler started up and then we shut the unit down from the thermostat.

After turning off the thermostat the air handler fan shut down and we realized that the outside unit was still running without a call from the thermostat control. At this point, we made our way outside to the condenser unit and remove the service panels. One thing that stood out to us was that the contactor and the other interior components including the capacitor and relays were all severely rusted. The contacts had rusted and pitted on the contactor itself and when it engaged it became stuck and would not release after a drop in voltage from the thermostat. This is a common occurrence on some older systems or ones that have not been maintained with annual service. The contactor itself is inexpensive however the labor and the diagnosis in additional maintenance needed to correct the faults of this system proved to be a little bit more substantial.

So now we head out to the truck to pick out a suitable replacement, this is a two-pole 40 VA rated contactor, and we carry them with us. While we were at the unit we did go ahead and check the capacitor which is another component that is typical to cause failures of the outdoor unit and as we expected the capacitor itself was also in a weakened state, so we went ahead and replaced that as well after checking with the customer.

While we are on-site replacement of these minor components is advantageous, so the customer does not have repeated nuisance failures. We would like to go ahead and address all issues with the system while we are on-site so that once we leave, we are confident in its reliability for the homeowner. The capacitor is an item that can be tricky. It is the type of device that can work well when it is new, but it weakens with age and the number of times that it is used. Every time your air conditioner starts and stops it uses a little bit more of the capacity from the capacitor and it just gets weaker over time until it no longer has enough stored energy to help kickstart your compressor or fan motor. In fact, on a lot of systems, the capacitor is connected to both the compressor and the outdoor fan motor so when it fails either by a lot or a little bit it can wreak havoc on your system, not to mention the high energy bills that come from your equipment straining to start up every time it goes through its cycle. So anytime we find a capacitor that has less than 75% of its rated energy storage we recommend the homeowner replace it.

We met back with the homeowner and explained what we found and was able to get his system back off operational for less than $150. This repair did not take much time as we are experienced in diagnosing these types of issues and carry a full line of components on our service trucks. The customer was pleased with the outcome and elected to sign up for our and you will maintenance plan pier. We recommend these maintenance plans to all our customers to keep their systems running in optimal condition for energy savings and reliability. This type of AC repair is typical in our industry, and we want to be fair to our customers, so they will continue to refer us to their family and friends.

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Why my ac wont shut off?
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