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Furnace smells like gas

Most times this gas valve will be installed on a hard pipe gas line. The valve itself can be different shapes but it’s usually colored red and sometimes yellow depending on who and when the installation was done. 
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Heat pump blowing cold air

Since the heat pump blowing cold air is the result of either non operating condenser or one with Freon loss we decided to head outside to have a look at the outdoor heat pump condenser. As I approached the condenser, I noticed that the compressor had a weird winding sound like a rattle.
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Why my ac wont shut off

Today we are talking about why my AC will not shut off.  This problem however has plagued many customers. There are several reasons why Your AC unit will not shut off and it will require a licensed HVAC contractor to diagnose and repair the fault for the typical homeowner.

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How to repair furnace

When it comes to furnace repairs alliance air conditioning company is your go-to choice. We have many years of experience working with all makes and models of heating equipment. No matter if your furnace is over 10 years old or it is a new high-efficiency type system, we have all the in-house expertise tools materials, and equipment to manage every need.
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How to repair evaporator coil

Recently we had a customer whose system was not heating properly.  When we arrived at the system, we found several maintenance deficiencies that led to the furnace not working properly. One major issue was a severely clogged evaporator coil. The coil was so clogged that it restricted airflow that the furnace began to overheat. These issues are often hard to diagnose because of the location of the limit switch. Limits are on the backside of the blower compartment on the interior of the furnace itself.
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