Air Conditioning Replacement Services

When you think of buying a new air conditioning system, it can be stressful.  It's a big decision and there are many options available.  The decision you make can impact you for the next 10-15 years or more.  No matter if you're installing an air conditioner for the first time or you’re thinking about a replacement, there's just a lot to consider.  The initial cost of the equipment is one thing, but what about the ongoing maintenance and warranty?  The brand and model you select is very important.  

We recommend working directly with our experts at Alliance Air-Conditioning Company.  We've been experienced in the HVAC industry for over 26 years and when you need an air-conditioning replacement, we are your one-stop shop.

We help you find the very best air-conditioning system for your cooling needs and that meets your budget. Give us a call today to learn more about the installation services and financing options we offer.

Considering New Air Conditioning Equipment?

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Top-Rated New Air Conditioner Replacements

Are you’re installing a system from scratch, with ductwork, or just changing out an older unit for a newer more energy-efficient model?  Whichever you desire, our AC Installation team has the right experience to get the job done. We will consult you through the entire project until completion.

We leverage our industry knowledge, professional installers, and manufacturer relationships to provide deep discounts directly to homeowners. When you need heating and air conditioning replacements, call us. We have served Georgia since 1997.  Our technicians have the capabilities, labor rates, material costs, warranties, and schedule availability to meet your needs.

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AC Replacement

Replacing all makes and models of air-conditioners, heat-pumps and more. Open 24/7.

Fan Coil Replacement

Replacing all indoor and outdoor fan motors. Whether inside your furnace, in your attic, in your crawlspace or your outside unit, we do it all!

Air Conditioner Replacement

We restore your cooling quickly and economically. We service all brands of equipment and carry most repair parts with us. Call us today and experience truly great customer service.

HVAC Installation

In the event you need a new or replacement system we are your One Stop Shop. We provide financing options and many choices on all brands of hvac equipment.

Heat Pump Replacement

We are experienced heat-pump professionals providing reliable repairs for these often complicated systems. We install the nation's top brands.

Duct Replacements & Repair

If you want to install new ducts, we provide the highest quality value based option for clean air distribution in your home.

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